The advancement of technology in this millennium age has introduced a lot of flourishing careers with attractive compensation for the Filipino people. The development is growing rapidly because of the emergence of Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) services particularly in the call center industry. The unemployment rate that used to be a top problem in the Philippines is now gradually decreasing and the government has finally provided more decent and good-paying jobs for the Filipinos.

The past administration was being recognized by top businessmen of the world for bringing back the positive momentum of the economy. International businessmen have acknowledged the Philippines its competence of becoming a developed country in the near future. Top businessmen in the BPO industries who have established in the major cities are expanding their businesses in some other areas of the country, thus, providing more jobs for the Filipino people.

One of the industries who are offering good-paying jobs in the Philippines is the call center industry. In the last 6 years, this type of industry has boomed. An exodus of call center agents was employed in different major cities of the country with a starting salary of not lower than PhP12,000 a month plus additional bonuses and allowances. This is a good start for a young professional who do not have a work experience yet, or any individuals who did not even finish his or her bachelor's degree. The basic skill that a call center agent must have is to be proficient in the English language.

Another thriving top caliber profession in the BPO industry is being a Website Developer or IT Professional. One must be very adept at computer technology and internet applications. This profession really gives fortune to those who are expert in the World Wide Web (WWW) scripting languages such as javascript, joomla, HTML, PHP, and a lot more.

Filipinos by far have the easiest-to-understand accent for people who use English as their first language. This skill also helped them provide another good-paying job by teaching English as Second Language (ESL) through online to some non-English speaking countries such as Korea, Japan, and China. Other Asian nationals would stay in the Philippines for a few months to study English on a one-on-one base or enroll themselves at arising English learning schools in the country.

There are lots of opportunities for every Filipinos. However, it all depends on how they make an effort in searching for the best job that would favorably fit their personality and skills.