The cool breeze at night, the sparkling lights everywhere, the bells and mistletoe hanging on the walls, the busy shoppers rushing for holiday sale, the children caroling anywhere, and the music of happy and glee, reminds us that the spirit of Christmas is in the air. For many people, it is the best season of the church year because every family gathers during Christmas eve and exchange their gifts as a traditional way of celebrating the season.

Christmas is a major holiday in most Christian countries. Each of them has their own way of celebrating this season as a part of their culture and tradition. Participating in a religious service plays an important part in the recognition of the season particularly in the Philippines. Even for some countries whose population are mostly non-Christian, they also have a variety of Christmas celebration that is not associated with religion.

In the Philippines, Christmas is the most awaited season of the year. This is because some employed people receive extra remuneration apart from the additional one month pay after a whole year round which is obligatory for all companies. For some companies, they give a basket of goods or a sack of rice as a sign of being thankful to their employees after successful years of working with them. It is common for every Philippine company to administer an annual Christmas party for their employees to enjoy and exchange gifts from one another.

The same thing is true with other companies abroad. They celebrate a delightful Yuletide season as much as the Philippines do. Because gift-giving and many other aspects of the Yuletide season involve economic activity, the season has become a significant event and a key sales period for businesses. This is specially true with telemarketing call centers. The economic impact of this season is a great factor that has substantially grown over the past few centuries.

Since this season is critical to telemarketing call centers, most Philippines call centers do not observe this special holiday because they operate 24/7 and 365 days a year. The Yuletide season is the perfect time for telemarketing call centers to launch their new products and services, or to offer special price for their products or services because of bulk orders. It is a peak season for call center industries and most of their employees celebrate Christmas eve at work because they usually operate in the evening. Unless you are scheduled on a rest day, you are lucky enough to celebrate Christmas eve with your family.

Call center industries are trying to compensate more than what their employees earn with those who are scheduled to work on a Christmas eve. They provide bountiful foods, drinks, and giveaways for free. These companies are somehow breaking the traditional way of celebrating Christmas in the Philippines because they do not observe this holiday but definitely, they are not spoiling the celebration as the whole nation enjoys.