Television is a common feature in every domestic scene. Even with the advancement of technology on home entertainment, standard television viewing remains the popular pastime activity for millions of people, and most of them are children. Most children plug into the world of television long before they enter school. On average, children watch TV for two hours a day.

Television is a powerful tool for entertainment and education for children if given the right programming. However, according to studies, television and media in general can also have a very negative influence. The great impact of TV on the children's diet and physical activity should be understood by parents to prevent obesity and sedentary lifestyle. Television is also very crucial to the brain development of the children at a very early age if exposure is not monitored and not limited.

Television and internet, has a major influence on children as well as on adults' behavior. Direct response and infomercial lines aired on television daily have a great impact, either positive or negative on the viewers, specially the children. We see drugs, sex, nudity, and vulgar languages portrayed on almost every show or program on TV, and children should not be exposed to this kind of entertainment, particularly at a very young age in which they do not have the ability to distinguish what is reality and fantasy.

Children seem to believe whatever they see on TV is true and imitate them. Young boys choose to wear what their favorite singer is wearing such as Justin Bieber. Young girls like to wear clothing worn by their favorite TV personalities like Miley Cyrus in Hannah Montana. At school, if they wear anything that is not in the fashion line of their favorite TV personalities, they are considered as an outcast.

The repercussion of television has more negative than positive effects, and children should have restrictions to what they watch or at least they are monitored while watching TV. The same thing is true with the internet. Nowadays, at a very young age, children know how to operate the computer and play their favorite games, watch movies, or surf in the internet. Internet is much worst than television when it comes to influencing the chidren's behavior. On television, programs are shown at a specific time slot, while on the internet, they can search any movies or show and watch it at anytime.

Children may search anything on the internet and browsing may lead them to adult websites if they are not being assisted. They may join live web chat services that may not be suitable for their age. It is best for parents to control the use of TV and internet, and teach the kids that television is for occasional entertainment, and internet is for educational purposes and not for constant escapism.