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Your business or organization will benefit greatly from Outsourcing your Registration, Event and Conference calls. The details related to these Events require a Thorough attention to detail. A professionally Trained Team of Agents will answer call center inquiries and sell tickets or handle scheduling for your Event. Unlike the services that many competitors provide, your inbound calls are not randomly answered by a large pool of call center Agents who are unaware of your products or services. The Certain-T Agents assisting your company have many hours of actual classroom Training conducted by you, or by 724Care, through the “Train the Trainer” program.

Your Business Event Registration

724Care Customer Support Agents answer your toll-free Registration number in a manner that you feel is the best for your Event. 724Care’s web-based software Registration system allows Agents and businesses or organizations to view the Conference and Event details. This software shows seats, space or other availability, depending on the venue, as well as prices and schedule. In real-time, call center Agents can make or cancel reservations, as well as answer questions, using FAQs provided by your company. With 724Care’s online payment processing system, attendees payments are processed in real time.

Call Center Attention to Details

Outsourcing Registration services for your Conference or Event allows for a quality customer service experience and satisfaction with your company. 724Care ensures that your attendees receive all of the details and information that you have directed, concerning the Event. The Agents answer questions that customers may have as well. A cost-effective way to organize the Registration process, which saves time and prevents overbooking, are great reasons to Outsource. Customers appreciate the personal service!

Have Certain-T with 724Care Event Registrations

  • With Outsourcing, fully staffed call center Agents provide Thorough information regarding date, prices, seat availability, venue and more.
  • The 724Care Team of Agents process customer payments for your business or organization in real time.
  • Agents are professionally Trained to answer FAQs regarding your Event, check availability, process Registrations and use specialized software.
  • Your inbound calls are not randomly answered by a large pool of call center Agents who are unaware of your products or services. 724Care outperforms the competition!

Event Registrations with 724Care have Certain-T. Call us at (888) 724-888-9.

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