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724Care is able to provide assistance to your customers when they call in to the Help Desk call center for support – any time they call. This increases customer satisfaction, and resolves issues for customers using the products. With your manuals and 724Care’s professional Training, we will have a very Thorough Team of Agents serving your customers with Certain-T. Establish your competitive edge by providing this reliable call center service for your valuable customers! Most competitors do not offer extensive Training and do not ensure that Help Desk Agents have a Thorough knowledge of all products and services.

Call Center Levels of Support

Using your guidelines and manuals, 724Care Agents will answer Help Desk support questions from customers 24/7. The technical orders outline step-by-step approaches for Agents to use in solving customer problems. 724Care will properly train Customer Support Agents to provide Help Desk support, follow technical orders and document problems. Agents will know how to elevate the level of assistance required in some cases, to be handled by your company representative, if the problem is more complex or requires a service call to be scheduled. Your customers can expect to receive the best customer service and Help Desk support with Certain-T.

24/7 Help Desk Support

Ensure that your customers can count on assistance 24/7 when they buy your products or services. 724Care is here to help! These are some of the areas of Help Desk service:

  • Password Resets
  • Assistance by Technical Order
  • Web Site Issues
  • Service Dispatch
  • Network Status and Info
  • Limited Hardware Support
  • Account Activations/Reactivations with Payment
  • Software Support
  • Installations
  • Warranty Info
  • Product Usage
  • Product Information
  • Unpacking Product

Excellent 24/7 Help Desk Support with Certain-T

  • 724Care Help Desk ensures customer loyalty and satisfaction with Thorough knowledge and support of the products and services
  • The 724Care Team assisting your business is trained to know how to help your customers, and answer questions for products and services, using technical orders and your company manuals.
  • Customer Support Agents participate in Training specific to your company, assisting customers with a variety of Help Desk support services that you choose.
  • Your inbound calls are not randomly answered by a large pool of call center Agents who are unaware of your products or services. 724Care outperforms the competition!

At 724Care, we want your Help Desk support to ensure loyalty and customer satisfaction with Certain-T, and we encourage you to call us at (888) 724-8889.

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