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We offer multi-channel order taking services on 24/7/365 basis. We have expertise and capability to handle any type of volume with distributed offshore, on-shore model. Each interaction wither chat, email or inbound call will be routed through our proprietary routing engine to the right operator at the right time.

Sales Focus.

Every phone call that comes in, and especially a call for an order, is a chance to advise a prospective customer about the best options available for the products and services sold. Many best in class retailers do outsource order taking function to a specialist. It does take resources and know how to build a high performance order taking team. All our agents have sales background and spend time on both inbound sales and outbound lead generation campaigns. This is a very valuable skill that can be used for order taking calls. We route the client to most skillful agent available in the Queue to make sure the highest number of inbound order calls result in the actual order with the highest margin product or options being ordered. Our order taking team managers have serviced such complex order taking channels as Dell computers where most of the potential customers need to be given an advise on the best options available and at the same time promote the best margin product for the retailer. Your outsourced team will shine with the conversion rates exceeding your current in house or outsourced provider. We would like to take a challenge and increase your conversions by at least 10% employing the proven processes we have designed in house.


Hire only the best in ranking on comprehensive Call Center, Outbound Sales and English tests.

Sharpen your saw daily.

Use proprietary technology to route calls to agents with the best stats.

Continuously monitor, coach to improve the performance.

Visualize team progress daily with the custom stats and reports.


All our agents viewing this job as a carreer and will relay entusiastic and professional image during any customer-facing interaction.


To learn more about options we offer please give us a call to 1-888-724-8889 for a free consultion and a quick quote.

We deliver very high conversion rates for our current order taking clients with pricing of only a fraction of US cost and conversion rates exceeding the production delivered by US based agents.


724Care - Order Taking Highlights
multi-channel web-based order taking services handling any call volumes and variety of products.
High performance sales training ensures quality service and high conversion rates
Advanced ACD QUEUE to route calls to the most skillful agent.
FAQ integration allows efficient questions browsing and the right answer all the time


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