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724Care Agents Understand Sales Order Goals

Customer Support Agents are trained for answering questions regarding products and services, Order Taking and upselling, as well as offering promotions - and discounts if needed to ensure a sale. 724Care encourages Agents to reach goals. Your company provides FAQs and product information resources for our Agents and we provide the Training for the call center Order Taking Service. The 724Care easy web access allows you to see recorded call records and monitor Agent calls for quality assurance. The agents will be thoroughly trained in your product line and website navigation. If you are using a plain old order taking services shared between many companies we guarantee we will work hard to increase your conversion rate 10-20% withing a month.

Integrated eCommerce Sale Entries

Your company processes are not disrupted, as 724Care Agents enter Orders into your existing eCommerce system, through our web-enabled call center. Placed Orders will update in your fulfillment processes, be reflected in inventory and payments will be processed through your credit card system. Ask us about this integration, if you don’t have an eCommerce web site. We can set this up for you, so that the two systems work seamlessly together.
At 724Care, our goal is that outsourcing the Order Taking Service will save - and make - your company money!

724Care Order Taking Service with Certain-T

  • Customer Support Agents are professionally Trained to answer questions regarding your business and products, as well as sell, upsell and close Orders
  • 724Care Agents will take Orders from unlimited call center lines regarding your Thorough catalog of products
  • 724Care can provide an Order Taking Service that is a web-based order placement and integrates with your existing eCommerce system
  • 724Care can provide an eCommerce system for your business, if you do not have one in place
  • Your inbound calls are not randomly answered by a large pool of call center Agents who are unaware of your products or services. 724Care outperforms the competition!
Call 724Care for Certain-T with your business Order Taking Service!
(888) 724-888-9.
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