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At 724Care, we don't believe it is enough to just find leads. As part of our service, we also identify which ones are genuine, qualified leads and only then set up an appointment for you with them. That way you can be sure that they are interested in talking business.

Keeping on top of the busy appointment schedule is no simple task. It requires a continual line of communication to be maintained between you and your prospective client. It also means making all transcripts and note of previous communication easily available for you to peruse. That way, you are always abreast of developments, and are completely familiar with the client, even before speaking to them.

In order to maintain this level of accessibility, our 724Care team are fluent in two of the leading CRM software, offered by salesforce.com and sugarcrm.com. It means there is no need for you to acquire a new system.

For a free consultation and to discuss you appointment setting needs, simply contact us.

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