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Just sent out a direct mail piece? Hire out Telemarketing call center to follow up on your target audience to increase your direct mail ROI.

Did you know that studies show that 81% of most sales happen on or after the fifth contact? Small businesses that do only one or two follow-ups are not getting all the potential businesses that are supposed to go their way. Mail follow up is an important procedure every business should consider doing.

Businesses that do mail follow ups enjoy a much higher conversion rate plus a higher percentage of referrals than businesses that don’t engage in this practice. Businesses have a lot of reasons from not having enough sales staffs to being too busy with other tasks.

If you are one of those small business owners who are not doing any mail follow ups then 724care.com has the solution for you. Some would resort to auto-responders but these are too impersonal and might turn some potential customers off.

There are three types of people that you need to follow up via mail. These are suspects or people in your marketplace, prospects or people who have responded to your marketing strategies but have not purchased yet, and customers or people who have purchased something from you. Each type should be interacted quite differently.

When you outsource your mail follow up tasks to outbound lead generation experts, not only will you save manpower and time but you’ll also save money in the long run. With our Mail follow up services, you can develop a relationship of trust with your potential clients by sending them additional information through the mail. Some people would go through the buying process slowly and you mail follow up should help them come to a decision.

By employing lead generation experts to do your mail follow ups for you, you not only boost your closing rates but you’ll also increase your customer satisfaction rating. With your mail follow up outsourced, your sales team will have adequate time to enhance their productivity thus resulting in much higher sales numbers.

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