call center PhilippinesThe increasing number of young professionals today that are employed as call center agents in different BPO sector are amazingly high especially with the contact center company. It helped a lot in decreasing the unemployment rate particularly in the Philippines. However, there are issues today regarding the health problems of call center agents that should be addressed by every contact center management.

Working in a contact center company may sound easy because a Bachelor's degree is not a requirement. All it takes is for one to speak fluently like Americans or British, and you get a good paying job. Apparently, a call center job makes an agent unhealthy if proper working habit is not being measured. This nocturnal job gives drastic changes to the life of a young professional and may be hazardous to your health if safety measures are not being practiced.

Regular night shifts, longer hours of work, sitting for a few hours while talking over the telephone and reading pre-scripted conversations from a computer, the incredibly high work targets and quotas, manage an irate caller, the coffee and cigarette, this is the life of a common call center agent. Where every minute counts for every agent, from the moment he or she logs in to the computer, a 15 minute break before dinner for a coffee and cigarette, a one hour break for a heavy meal, and another 15 minute break before the end of the shift. This performance monitoring contributes a whopping stress on the life of an agent.

Working at night on a regular basis gives drastic change to ones biological clock. This turned out to be the major cause of health-related problem of an agent. This causes insomnia to most people who have sleeping difficulties during daytime. It can easily be treated once you seek an advice from a doctor. However, it may lead to chronic insomnia if you do not address well to this kind of illness. This is a primary severe disorder that could last longer than 1 month and maybe more dangerous to your health.

Another common problem of a call center agent is eye problem. Soreness, dryness, blurred vision, light sensitivity, and headache, this is labeled as Computer vision syndrome or CVS. This is a very real problem for many people who spend many hours everyday in front of a computer. Sometimes, simply reorganizing your work environment to develop better ergonomics is all you need to do to reduce eye strain and other vision problems related to Computer vision syndrome. In some cases, a pair of computer eyeglasses may help you, but the best way to know above all is consult a doctor first. It is better to consult a doctor right away once you feel something unusual in your health before it is too late.