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Your business will benefit from the quality customer service and exceptional communication provided by the 724Care Certain-T program. Answering company E-mails promptly can be a difficult task to keep on top of. 724Care has the perfect Team of Customer Support Agents with the proper Training to do a Thorough job. Outsourcing Agents save you money by responding to all E-mails and by providing an E-mail forwarding service to your company representatives for issues that require further action - such as service calls.Unlike many competitors, 724Care provides Training not only for highly skilled Agent performance, but exceptional product and service knowledge regarding your company, as well!

24/7 E-mail Service for Your Customers

Customers will really enjoy doing business with your company when they contact you by E-mail or Web Contact form, and get a reply back within a couple of hours! This customer service can increase sales opportunities, resolve problems and improve overall communications. Fast E-mail Service with response 24/7 to questions, comments, complaints and requests for service, show customers that you feel they are priority number one!

724Care Answers E-mails Your Way

Our Customer Support Agents use your manuals and information as a resource for E-mail Service questions and answers. The E-mail responses that are given to customers will be accurate, and if the answer is not known, the customer will be informed that an answer is forthcoming and when to expect it. The Agent will work diligently to get that information from your company representative, and send the E-mail reply to the customer ASAP.

Customers Can Expect a Response with Certain-T

  • The 724Care Team of Agents will respond to your company E-mails and Web Form contact on a 24/7 basis – within an expected response time of 2 hours
  • E-mail Service and responses will always be Thorough based on manuals and FAQs that you provide
  • 724Care Trains and empowers Agents to provide great E-mail Service and answer your customers’ questions, assist with orders and request service calls
  • Unlike the competition, your inbound calls are not randomly answered by a large pool of call center Agents who are unaware of your products or services. 724Care outperforms the competition!

724Care provides to E-mail Service and Web Contact submission replies with Certain-T. Call (888) 724-888-9.

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