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There are several ways to make a sale, and infomercials are just one of them. But this method can only be successful if the necessary customer support service is provided.

At 724Care, we have been providing Direct Response services for informercial sales for years, handling callers from radio, television, and internet marketing campaigns, turning calls into purchases, and your sales potential into tangible profit.

Through our own Certain-T standard of service - which guarantees Training, Thoroughness and Team ethics - each of our dedicated customer support agents undergo extensive training to handle all inbound calls.

They work with you and are fully briefed in the attributes of your products and services to ensure consistency in providing information to your customers through web chats, instant messaging and call center calls.

Inquiries Become Sales

Direct Response is not just about processing orders, but also about turning a hesitant buyer into an actual buyer. The most effective way to achieve this is to competently provide the answers to the inquiries that callers have about the products and services they have just viewed.  

All 724Care call centre agents are fully trained in handling queries in a way that informs about and enhances confidence in what your company is selling, so that the sale is made.

Staffing Levels that Match Response

Marketing campaigns requiring Direct Response can experience dramatic call spikes, which, if not handled properly, can mean a large number of sales lost.  

At 724Care, you don't have to worry. We carefully monitor call activity to make sure we have the right number of customer support agents on hand to deal with any such spikes.

724Care customer support agents are closely familiar with all aspects of your marketing campaign, so that they are best equipped to answer every question a caller might have about your products or services, enabling them to turn callers' interest into real sales.

Quality of Our Direct Response Services is a Certain-T

Every call center makes promises but 724Care delivers. We provide unbeatable service every time and, through our Certain-T program, you can sure of getting a Direct Response service of the highest quality. This is because of the effectiveness of our program and its Three Ts.

  • Training:   724Care customer support agents undergo intense professional Training. By outsourcing our agents, you know your media advertising campaign is properly staffed by Direct Response support that will get results.
  • Thoroughness:  724Care insists on a Thoroughness in preparation so you can benefit from the best possible service. All customer support agents are fully briefed on your advertisement campaign, products and services, while complete software integration allows them to access the relevant answers within seconds to provide your callers with the information they are looking for.
  • Team:  724Care outperforms the competition! This is because your inbound calls are NOT randomly answered by a large pool of call center agents. Only a selected Team of agents who are fully aware of your products and services speak to your callers.

With 724Care, you'll taste the full benefits of professional Direct Response and Infomercial Line staffing - and that's a Certain-T!

To find out more, call us at (888) 724-8889. You can also connect with 724 Care on LinkedIn, and follow 724 Care on Twitter.

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