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724Care provides specially trained customer support Agents to handle Emergency Call Center lines for your business or organization 24/7. Entrust your critical calls to the professionals at 724Care, and rest assured that these Emergency calls will be handled quickly and in the manner that you require. Contact 724Care to see how to implement Certain-T in Emergency Call response for your business or organization today. Unlike the services that many competitors provide, your inbound calls are not randomly answered by a large pool of call center Agents who are unaware of your products or services. The Certain-T Agents assisting your company have many hours of actual classroom Training conducted by you, or by 724Care, through the "Train the Trainer" program.

If needed, 724Care also has a partner call center network, to help with Emergency or support call center communications in cases such as natural disasters, and call overflow times when an organization might need a vast support team.

Constant Emergency Care for Your Customers

Customers who depend on your assistance 24/7 want to know that your company is there to take care of their needs. The 724Care Team does this with Certain-T. We have the Training to reassure your callers, to get the proper information in a Thorough manner, and to forward those calls to you immediately! This information regarding the Emergency is sent immediately to your company by a 724Care Customer Support Agent, by e-mail, pager, cell phone text, or other means that you specify.

Easy Web Access to All Data

The 724Care easy web access allows you to log on and view all Agent digitally recorded Emergency calls and monitor live calls. Using this interface, you have access to a searchable database of calls, to check the performance of our call center service, and this database also provides legal protection with documentation of Emergency calls. The 724Care interface software allows you to choose staff to accept Emergency calls according to levels of critical escalation.

724Care Emergency Response with Certain-T

  • 724Care Customer Support Agents provide Thorough information regarding the nature of the Emergency to your e-mail, cell phone text or pager.
  • Easy web access allows you to see each call made by the Agents on your Team.
  • Your company representative is notified immediately of all Emergency calls by Trained Customer Support Agents.
  • 724Care outperforms the competition! Your inbound calls are not randomly answered by a large pool of call center Agents who are unaware of your products or services.

Call 724Care to ensure coverage for business Emergency calls with Certain-T today! Call (888) 724-888-9.

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