Communication is the art of exchanging information and ideas in everything we do. It is a two-way process that needs good listening and presenting skills. It could be spoken through telephones, computers, face-to-face conversations, small or large meetings or discussions. It could be written through cellphones, internet, letters or cards. It could also be viewed through videos, DVDs, or filmed presentations. There are different types of communications, but the most important thing that you need to consider is how to communicate effectively. Even when we are not talking, our gestures and facial expressions exhibit non-verbal communication and sometimes it can be more powerful and real than actual words spoken. You can tell a person's emotion by the look in his eyes, his hand movements and general body posture. You can determine as well the person's emotion on the other line when talking over the telephone.

Establishing an effective conversation over the phone is very important and it plays a crucial role in business particularly in appointment setting. Good communication skills are important in appointment setting, yet, it does not matter how eloquent or good-looking you are if you never get the chance to compose yourself in front of a prospect, either in person or over the phone. An enthusiastic condition of a warm and friendly conversation by the tonal quality of your voice should be initiated when making cold calls. While it is easy to just pick up the phone and make cold calls, but making calls without preparation or strategy will yield poor results.

Make sure when you are telemarketing you know what to say and how to say to keep your message consistent and effective, thus, an effective call script is advised. A simple “hi” or “hello” can take away formalities instead of saying “good morning” or “good evening”, that maybe regarded as austere and cold. It is always proper and polite to introduce yourself after the warm greetings. Do not wait for the prospect to ask for your name. Project positive attitude so that your prospect will respond with affirmation. Otherwise, if you are not confident in everything you say, your prospect may sense it and this might cause them to respond apprehensively.

It is very important to understand how people interpret your message. The person in the other line can immediately conclude if you are worth the time and effort. If you give a good and distinctive information to people, they are better equipped to see your point of view. Exaggerated claims and promises such as “You can be a millionaire by joining us!” or “You can be sexy in five days” should be avoided. You do not have to waste their time and lessen the chance of getting their interest if they have to strain their ears to absorb everything that you are saying. Explain the purpose of your call in a precise and logical manner. Express your openness to captivate your prospect into a productive conversation that will encourage them to participate and maintain their attention and interest level.

It is important to determine if there is a relationship worth pursuing. To avoid possible arguments, provide only the necessary information that leads to an appointment. Remember that the main reason of your call is to set for an appointment. Have your prospect agree for an appointment right away once you have their interest. Do not delay for it may turn their hot interest into cold and it takes twice the effort to gain their interest back. Inform the prospect that the appointment is free and there is no obligation on their part, thus, making the appointment setting much easier.