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Customer service has taken on a new meaning with the capabilities of Live Web Chat for your business. Live customer support on your company’s web site means customers can ask a question regarding a product, ask for help navigating the site or ask for help placing an order. Nothing compares to instant answers - and with 724Care’s Certain-T Program, the Team is Trained to handle the questions your customers will ask! You provide the manuals and information for Thorough question and answer resources, and our Live Web Chat Agents are available 24/7 with live customer support! Extensive Training ensures that call center Agents are skilled to handle Live Web Chat and knowledgeable regarding your products and services. Unlike competitors using software chat (pre-programmed software) robots, 724Care outperforms the competitors with real people, giving real answers - in real time!

Live Chat Agents Can Increase Internet Sales

At 724Care, our Customer Support Agents are professionally Trained to understand your business, provide customer service to help customers navigate your web site, request a service call and place an order. Our Agents have exceptional writing skills and keep focused, so they quickly provide answers. Live Web Chat Agents can answer questions regarding information or products that visitors are looking for. The Live Web Chat Agents initiate a pop-up chat window if your web site visitor clicks away from an inquiry form or shopping cart. This chat aids in retaining site visitors, encourages filling out inquiry forms and reduces shopping cart abandonment. This is also an opportunity for cross-selling or upselling complementary products or services, accessories or offering a new promotion. Increase your sales 20% in 14 days! If a visitor is abandoning a shopping cart, the Live Web Chat Agent could offer a discounted introductory offer as an incentive to retain the customer and make the sale. Save and increase sales today!

Increase Customer Satisfaction with Live Chat

Your customers find information and find products with Certain-T. This 724Care program ensures that your customers are assisted every step of they way. The Live Web Chat Agent can start a conversation, if a customer appears to be abandoning his purchase or leaving the site, or the Agent can offer a sale item, as well as ask customers if they need assistance of any kind. The Live Web Chat Agent instills confidence in a purchase, because customers know that long after the sale, this Agent will be accessible on the web site, should they have questions or problems. Ultimately, the Live Web Chat can increase web site traffic.

Increase Web Sales with Certain-T

  • Outsourcing professionally Trained Agents will help convert web visitors to web sales by providing needed assistance for placing orders
  • Your company will benefit from Agents that use Thorough efforts to provide information, assistance and incentives to reduce shopping cart abandonment
  • 724Care Live Web Chat Agents are a Team of professionals working toward your business success. Exceptional customer service builds buyer confidence, assists ease of ordering and can encourage referrals and increase web traffic.
  • Unlike competitors using software chat software robots, 724Care Live Web Chat outperforms the competitors with real people, giving real answers - in real time!

Customers Respond to Live Web Chat assistance with Certain-T from 724Care. Call us at (888) 724-888-9 today!

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