Considering the phenomenal growth of call center companies, the high attrition rate is the huge problem that these companies are facing. It is the greatest challenge that the Human Resource (HR) Department is encountering and that they need to instill desirability among agents to balance the attrition rate. The HR manager should not only fulfill this responsibility but also find the right kind of people who can keep up the pace with the unique work patterns to this type of industry. This should be given much attention by the management because it gives out wrong impression that the call center is not a stable industry to work for.

The increasing rate of attrition prompted the call center industries' management to take a closer look at the root causes to this problem to ensure the industries' long-term sustainability and growth. According to a survey by the Incoming Calls Management Institute or ICMI, the three major reasons for call center turnover are: better opportunities elsewhere, lack of career development, and repetitive work. In addition to having to work at night, agents experience a fair amount of abuse and racist remarks from overseas customers.

Solutions and strategies have been made since these industries depend heavily on worker supply for the continuing growth of the business. Call center agents are as important as doctors, teachers, or bankers. Without these agents, no one would take the calls at emergency call center lines and save lives, no one would answer the help desk support 24/7 to answer customer's concerns and complaints, or nobody would respond to the live web chat services from the visitors of your website.

Companies should focus more on how to keep their employees happy and satisfied with their work in order to retain them. Good compensation package and benefits are not always the answer to attract applicants to work for your company. Most job seekers look for the sense of stability and security in the company that they are going to work for. When they start building their career, they look for self-improvement, development, and growth within the company. Companies should avoid fast tracked trainings, and instead, offer constant training to help ensure that the employees are fully equipped to do the tasks that are assigned to them. Aside from the high salary rate and constant training, a good and safe working environment should be more than enough to ensure that employees would see a long career in the company. This is very beneficial to the company in the long run.

Successful companies work with their employees to find out what motivates them and then offer incentives to make them aware that their work is being valued. It maybe monetary rewards for achieving set goals, it maybe as simple as verbal recognition for a job well done, gift checks or certificates for hitting the quotas, or by means of developing a skill or career path either within the call center or the organization as a whole. A career in a call center should not just be limited only as an agent but they should also be encouraged to apply for other positions within the company especially for those who have high educational attainment particularly in Information Technology field.